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Brela Makarska Riviera. Dense green pine trees, cliffs and clear blue sea, Mt create unique natural environment that enabled decades Brela has had to be one of the most important center of Croatian tourism. Because of the steep descent of the mountain to the sea, Brela is not developed around a center, but along the coast. In this way, visitors have access to Brela nearly ten kilometers of walking paths along the beautiful sandy beaches and cliffs that separate the bay from one another. Offer top quality hotels in Brela complement traditional rooms and apartments of high standard.


The house is located directly above the beach to the water bathing. For this small effort reward is peace and quiet, beautiful view and a pleasant breeze in the evening for a doze. Themselves can choose what and when you do, whether to walk up the grill or just hop on the beach in a sandwich or a drink from your refrigerator. Beside the house is a parking lot so you have a safe place to park.